Short Story behind MAWA gear

How it began...

MAWA is a (Dutch) abbreviation for "Met Afval Wat Anders", in English it translates to "With Waste Something Different". Ma Wa also are the initials of founder 'Marco Walravens'.

MAWA was instigated by Marco in 2010 with the help of a group of volunteers in the Netherlands, to repair and often rebuild from scratch furniture and other household-items, using only waste- and scrap- material with emphasis on recycling, to be sold for a profit just large enough to keep going, and in support of local charities. 3 years later, in 2013, Marco wrote his first song, and started combining charital work with music. Late 2018, together with a Belgian company, the brand 'CHIMPS' was launched, supplying ecological kid's wear and accessories, only to be halted in 2019 due Covid-restrictions, and now today it is being relaunched.

Marco working on Chimps

All products under the MAWA umbrella, from garment and footwear to music and services, strictly adhere to the principle of supporting communities & people in need, charities, ecology, and smart recycling in order to be of functional benefit to the world we all share, and live in.

Chimps working on Marco

MAWA world consists of various regions, where you find durable, ecological men's and women's clothing, footwear, world-gift items, music and songs -and yes... you can even order your very own exlusive song- , fun kids-wear, school-accessories, baby-stuff, with new regions frequently being added.