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AC10W007 AkAMAWA ROCK ON!!! Zipup Hoodie

AC10W007 AkAMAWA ROCK ON!!! Zipup Hoodie

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About the ROCK ON!!! Zipup Hoodie...

  • Exclusive Design by Marco Akamawa
  • Handmade for you
  • Made of organic and recycled fabrics


Key Features

 Handmade with organic cotton blended with recycled polyester, a soft wearing feeling is guaranteed

 Reinforced cuffs and waist, extra durable for daily wear.

2 spacious pockets for must-have storage.



Care Instructions 

  Hand-wash or machine wash gently / delicately, Tumble dry at a low heat (do not exceed 40° C ), Do not dry clean.


Green Shipping Bonus included &

0 % CO2 emission!

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