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AC50P002 ROCK ON Sofa pillow with filling 45cm x 45cm

AC50P002 ROCK ON Sofa pillow with filling 45cm x 45cm

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This ROCK ON pillow has firm twill fabrics that are perfect for every day use. The exchangeable filling is made of a soft recycled polyester wadding. It makes the pillow soft enough for serious cuddling and sturdy enough for serious pillow fights.

  • Removable inner cushion, size 44cm x 44cm
  • Fastener: Zipper
  • Cover made of sturdy twill fabrics: 195 g/m²
  • Material: 100% Cotton (cover), recycled polyester (filling)


Please note: Please wash the cushion cover inside-out. Hand wash is strongly recommended for the filling.

Sofa pillow with filling 45cm x 45cm

One Size 45 cms / 17 inches 45 cms / 17 inches


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